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By Tony Roberts
ISBN 1 871677 64 5
from Materials Technology Publications
An in-depth market report and real carbon fibre evaluation of current markets and future supply and demand of the rapidly growing carbon fibre industry and its global markets. This is the ONLY market report available on the carbon fibre industry with forecasts through 2020, encompassing a crucial period in the industry's development. Between 2011 and 2020 the industry is forecast to have very high growth rates with production of 46,000 tonnes in 2011 to reach 140,000 tonnes by 2020.
The supply/demand forecasts to 2020 are provided through comprehensive statistical data backed by analysis of likely trends for both carbon fibre and carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRPs). The complex relationship between supply and demand is expertly considered by Tony Roberts, one of the world's leading market consultants in the carbon fibre industry. The report features discussion of all the world's major carbon fibre manufacturers including new players in the industry and detailed information on plant capacities, production outputs, future expansion plans, product ranges and full financials. Backed by years of study of the carbon fibre industry in China, the author gives a full assessment of China's role in the next decade.
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Anthony (Tony) Roberts has over 40 years’ experience in the carbon fibre and advanced composites industry sectors dating back to the 1970s and work at Courtaulds Grafil, Coventry, UK, a leading manufacturer of carbon fibres. That experice gave him a comprehensive understanding of the global markets for carbon fibre. In the 1990s he began work at Mitsubishi Rayon Co Ltd as Sales and Marketing Director for subsidiary companies Grafil Inc and Newport Adhesives and Composites Inc. Since 2005 Roberts has served as an independent consultant preparing numerous studies including two global reports published by Materials Technology Publications: The Carbon Fibre Industry: Global Strategic Market Evaluation (2006) and The Carbon Fibre Industry Worldwide (2008). Roberts has unique insight into the growing carbon fibre industry for developing regions, particularly China where he has spent extended periods as a consultant gathering data on manufacturers and evaluating market trends.

Established in 1985, Materials Technology Publications specialises in the publication of market reports within the area of industrial materials. Each report analyses the current and future prospects for specific industries and provides pertinent statistical data on production, growth rates, imports, exports, etc. Key companies are identified and their performances compared. The impact of advances in production methods and materials technology is also assessed.
Carbon Fiber Industry Worldwide 2011-2020
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Topics covered within 400+ pages and 270+ tables:

  • Plant capacities
  • Assessment of Aerospace Industry
  • Assessment of Wind Industry
  • Assessment of Automotice Industry
  • Trends in compressed natural gas (CNG) vessels
  • Military Applications
  • Trends is Sports and Leisure Uses
  • Analysis of Processing Routes
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